Challenges of the Multi-screen Video Ecosystem

The explosive growth of the online video ecosystem poses novel challenges for companies across all industries. Regardless of whether a company uses online video as a business model, marketing tool or for corporate communications, video content in each case needs to be managed and controlled over a wide variety of platforms and devices. Furthermore, the delivery of online video requires flexible, high-performance player technology that supports every technical feature and standard to ensure efficient video distribution and monetisation. And when it comes to building video front-ends,various devices with different screen sizes and customised navigation logic including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs need to be taken into consideration.

Content Management And User analysis

As video viewing has taken off in recent years, companies have had to start dealing with an increasing amount of video content that needs to be managed and encoded into formats relevant to different devices. Furthermore, videos need to be edited for their specific use-case and organised in structures. In order to understand consumer behaviour in a fragmented media landscape, comprehensive reporting data with statistics is required for each device and platform.

The solution


Our cloud-based content management system nexxOMNIA provides a highly scalable and secure video hosting solution with ready-to-use features for time-efficient video management and in-depth user analysis. Every aspect of the video workflow can be managed and controlled from a single interface.

Video Distribution And Monetisation

The device landscape in the multi-screen ecosystem is highly fragmented. Many different manufacturers are offering competing devices, each with their own operating systems and browsers that need to be taken into account when distributing video content. By the same token, the distribution of online video offers several monetisation options and features for various business cases. For this reason, powerful video player technology that is both a state-of-the-art solution and supports every feature and standard while running on all platforms is essential for successful multi-screen video distribution.

The solution


nexx.tv provides the nexxPLAY video player for websites or apps that require a professional video solution – no matter for which platform or device. It works perfectly with the nexx.tv video CMS nexxOMNIA as well as the nexx.tv front-end solutions nexxSMART, nexxCANVAS or nexxONE, and is ready for immediate use.

Multi-screen Front-end Development

Many devices within the multi-screen ecosystem run on proprietary technical standards, have varying screen sizes and their own navigation logic. Depending on the purpose of the front-end, different features and layouts need to be supported on multiple devices. And, of course, as time and money are always precious resources in the fast moving digital media industry, front-ends have to be implemented as quickly and easily as possible.

The solution


The multi-screen VoD platform nexxCANVAS is our white-label solution for quick and easy creation of your video center. From basic features like organising videos into categories or compiling play-lists to monetising content through advertising or payment, nexxCANVAS offers you everything you need for your online video platform.


nexxSMART is our innovative, cloud-based application toolkit for Connected TV platforms (Smart TVs, HbbTV, game consoles, set-top boxes). The large number of predefined templates and features allow you to build your Connected TV application within a short amount of time and at a lower price.


The responsive front-end framework nexxONE was created to meet the highest requirements for multi-screen front-end development (desktop, mobile, Smart TV, HbbTV). nexxONE automatically adapts to the individual requirements of every device, thus providing the best possible user experience for the consumer. You decide on the individual layout, look and functionality of your front-end - nexxONE does the rest for you!